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Labstream products are installed worldwide in Laboratories, Health centres and science labs.

The benefits are obvious; the products are resistant to chemicals, easy to keep clean and practical to use.

The labstream products can easily be integrated into a modern, flexible laboratory design.

For inspiration you will find various application examples here.

If you have any nice photos of installed labstream products, we would like to receive them!


Labstream sinks can be easily mounted in several ways; under a worktop, with the edge on the worktop (drop-on mounted) or welded in a PP worktop. Some installation examples are shown on the photos below.

Top mounted:



Integrated in a PP worktop:


Labstream Dripcups are available in a variety of colours and dimensions. The circular and round drip cups are suitable for drop-in, drop-on and undermount installation. Since 2012, a drip cup for wall mounting is available as well. The advantage of this wall mountied drip cup is that it keeps the space both on as well as under the work surface free.

Wall mounted drip cup:

Waste fittings

A good drainage of waste water is essential in a laboratory. Labstream offers a wide range of products for this: Waste fitting, separators, traps and the required connections.

Bottle trap with clear cup:


Labstream PP pegboards are available in multiple versions and dimensions. Pegboards can also be produced according to your requirements.

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