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Flexibilize your lab furniture!

The desire to achieve more speed and flexibility in laboratory research requires a flexible interior that does not impose any restrictions, but makes a positive contribution to this.

To achieve this, good interaction is needed between laboratory users, planners, organizers and their suppliers, each of whom uses his own expertise to achieve the best results.

Our approach is to offer plastic products because they fit perfectly in a modern laboratory environment; lightweight, flexible and easy to clean.

The Labstream® product package is not a static whole, but is constantly being adjusted in consultation with parties involved in laboratory design.

We are happy to talk to you in order to find the best fitting solutions together.

New products

Pegboard Compact

The latest addition to the Labstream assortment is a PP pegboard, called Compact. This is the first pegboard on the market that is moulded in one piece. This makes the pegboard very easy to clean.

The compact design offers a multitude of application options. It can be attached to the wall alone or in series, or placed with the backs together on a worktop.

The modular concept based on smaller units offers opportunities to design the available laboratory space even more efficiently.

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Labstream products are installed worldwide in Laboratories, Health centres and science labs.

The benefits are obvious; the products are resistant to chemicals, easy to keep clean and practical to use.


The labstream products can easily be integrated into a modern, flexible laboratory design.

For inspiration you will find various application examples here.

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